Contemporary photography goes beyond the technical concerns of mastering the technique; it is about the nature, the power of the content and how it can be used, because the image is not only a tool of transmission but also an instrument of understanding. – Klaus Fruchtnis, Chair of Photography

The photography curriculum balances analog and digital technologies with an emphasis on developing a creative vision and gaining a solid understanding of the image-making process. The program considers not only the technical aspects of image creation and production, but also examines how photographs are disseminated, presented, discussed, used, documented or archived: in short, how they function in today’s image driven society. The department equally addresses technical and conceptual skills, since both are essential to any successful photographic practice. Students are encouraged to work cross-disciplinary and may attend courses in other departments such as Communication Design, Fine Arts, or Fashion, in order to think about photography’s broader applications, implications and contexts. Through a progressive core seminar structure, lectures, lab and studio courses as well as an internship, students gain first-hand commercial experience from practicing photographers and learn about innovative, cutting-edge approaches relevant to a photographic practice, while defining their own unique way of working.

The four year photography program includes a direct-entry option, allowing students to specialize in image-making from the first year. However, students who have enrolled in the more general Foundation year program can still declare their major in Photography after the end of the Foundation year and will need to do three more years to complete their photography degree requirements.



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